Awuwo bi erin 
Oba tapatapa ti ba won gbe ode Iranje 
Oko Abuke 
Oko Aro 
Oko Arara bori pete 
Oro oko Afin 
Abijo gbogbo bi odun 
O sun ninu ala 
O ji ninu ala 
O tinu ala dide 
Obanla oko Yemoo 
He who is as heavy as elephant 
The strong king who lives with them at the city of Iranje 
He who has blessings and good character 
He who has good character and blessings 
The husband of the hunchback 
The husband of the lame 
The husband of the pygimy with flat head 
Spirit, the husband of albino 
He, to whom every day is like a festival day 
He sleeps in white cloth 
He wakes up in white cloth 
He rises from white cloth 
Great king, the husband of Yemoo 


Obatala has many names. In different places even in Yorubaland, Obatala is called with different names. All the names are seen by many people as names of different Orisa while many believe they are names of Children or paths of Obatala. However, everybody believes that those names relate to the white Orisa. Therefore, there is justification in the belief of the school of thought that says all the names are Obatala's. Below are names of cities and the name with which the White Orisa is known as:


(1) Ose at Ila in Osun State of Nigeria 

(2) Popo at Ogbomoso in Oyo State of Nigeria 

(3) Akire at Ikire in Osun State of Nigeria 

(4) Oba at Oba-Ile in Ondo State of Nigeria 

(5) Lagbedu at Masifa-Ile in Osun State of Nigeria 

(6) Ogiyan at Ejigbo in Osun State of Nigeria 

(7) Alase at Ola in Osun State of Nigeria 

(8) Alase at Ondo in Ondo State of Nigeria 

(9) Alaaja at Ago Ika in Ogun State of Nigeria 

(10) Onile at Ugbo in Ondo State of Nigeria 

(11) Olufon at Ifon in Osun State of Nigeria