1. Oluwo Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode, Ph.D (Abore Agba Nla Julo(The Most High Chief Priest))
2. Chief Esuniyi Akanni Olagboyega (Abore Agba (Chief Priest))
3. Hon. Faseyi Oyewole Fakayode (Abore Agba (Chief Priest))
4. Babalawo Falade Oyeniku (Abore Agba (Chief Priest))
5. Babalawo Ojoawo Ojerinu Windare (Abore Agba(Chief Priest))
6. Babalawo Fakolade Fasina Fakayode (Abore(Priest))
7. Babalawo Faboyede Atanda (Abore (Priest))
8. Babalawo Falekan Oladosu (Abore (Priest))
9. Iyalorisa Ifaronke Ayoade Olagboyega (Abore(Priestess))
10. Iyalorisa Osunwumi Apeke Fakayode (Abore(Priestess))
11. Babalawo Awodele Famakinde Gbokudide (Abore(Priest))
12. Awo Awogbemi Fawuyi (Abore(Priest))
13. Awo Fasoji Akinpelu (Abore(Priest))
14. Awo Damola Oyeniku (Abore(Priest))
15. Awo Ifakunle Akinkunmi Fakayode (Abore(Priest))

Note: The Heirachical Order in the Priesthood of the Temple is below:

Abore Agba Nla Julo (The Most High Chief Priest/Priestess(MHCP))
Abore Agba Nla (High Chief Priest/Pristess(HCP))
Abore Agba (Chief Priest/Priestess(CP))
Abore (Priest/Priestess)