The odù Ifá of Ìtàdógún today (Thursday, 16th January, 2014) at Èjìòdí Home of Tradition is Ìrẹtẹ̀ogbè. It came with Ire Àìkú, longevity. For the manifestation of that, Ṣàngó is chosen as Aládìmú.


Ìrẹtẹ̀ogbè – Ire Àìkú

Sacrifice should be taken important by all and sundry for us to be truly connected with our Orisa and to be blessed by the Orisa.
The sick should make ebo and appease Ogun. The items to sacrifice include 2 cocks, yam, beans, big rat, kola nuts, gin, palm oil and money.
Ifa is advising people to stop doing things without the consent of Ifa. 
The barren needs to be more close to Ifa.
Osun and Olokun should be appeased for greatness in life. And the wife should stop advising the husband against making any recommended sacrifice and vice versa.
Anybody who have seen his dead father in dreams should sacrifice a ram to the dead father for fortunes and to avert misfortunes
Edan should also be appeased for long life while Ori should be appeased for fortunes
Those who do business should make ebo so that their partner(s) will not have the evil mind to destroy the business or to snatch the capital or business.
Bellow are 2 verses from the odu:
Ibo legbe
Ibo lawure
A difa fun Orunmila
Yoo so Akapo re di oba
Eni to ba lowo
E sa maa sebo
Ibo legbe 
Ibo lawure
Sacrifice yields support
Sacrifice yields prosperity
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
Who will make his devotee a king
Whoever has money
Should just be making sacrifice
Sacrifice yields support
Sacrifice yields prosperity
Ododo nire n tegbe Awo Alakisa
A difa fun Alakisa
O n sogboogbo arun
O n nara kaka alailedide
O n yi gbiiri loju ina
Alakisa o ji n boo ji o?
Alakisa o jiire
Opiiri aparo!
Mo ji lonii ara mi le
Gbininrin ni tajija
Gbininrin ni towu
Ododo nire n tegbe Awo Alakisa
Cast Ifa for Alakisa
When he was sick
When he was unable to stand up
When he was always feeling cold
Alakisa, you wake up or not?
Alakisa, you wake up well
The bush fowl!
I wake up today and I feel strong
Ajija, the metal rattle is always strong and sound
The anvil is always strong and sound
*Our next Ìtàdógún will be Saturday, 1st February, 2014. 
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