24/05/2015 14:08

If the holy river, Osun, condoned somebody hitting me over the head, I would know that it happened to avert a worse fate ... Susanne wenger, 1994.

Let the 'World of faith' know that the African man, from the primordial era of recognition of his existence on earth never knew of "two" Gods in control of the Heavens and Earth but "one" Olodumare ... Wale Egberongbe, 2003.

The fact is that Ogboni is not more secret than other clubs and societies like the Rosicrucians, the Lodges and some religious temples of Islam and Christianity in the sence that you cannot claim you know much about their activities unless you are a member. .... Dr. Kolawole Komolafe, 1995.

It (Ifa/Orisa) is simply the religious system which African forefathers developed in response to their life's situations. ... it gave them satisfactory answers to their problems, quenched their religious thirst, and helped them to find an integrated and meaningful interpretation and understanding of the universe.  John S. Mbiti, 1975.
Yoruba that refused to surrender their cultural and spiritual identity during colonization consequently have become the poorest of the poor in Nigeria .... support and honor them for their sacrifices on behalf of our tradition.  Joseph Quinones, 2008.


One of such impediments to the black man’s progress is his apparent submission to the control and directives of the whit race. Areoye Oyebola, 1976


Throughout Africa, there is no mind that is devoid of awareness of an Almighty Force behind creation of the World and Heavens. Wale Egberongbe 2003


Africa is not making progress because, we’ve abandoned our culture.  Akintunde Ogunleye, 2007


Let those who wish to retain or elevate religion as a twenty-first century project feel free to do so, but let it not be done as continuation of the game of denigration against African spiritual heritage. Wole Soyinka, 1991


The colonialists (European and Arab) had a singular mission to suppress and subjugate “conquered” peoples and to impose foreign religious worldviews on them with a view to ensuring their perpetual mental and spiritual subservience. Idowu Odeyemi, 2002


Tragically, they (Muslims and Christians) have won the battle. Hopefully, they (Muslims and Christians) will lose the war. Philip John Neimark


There can be no real identity with our heritage until we know what our heritage really is. It is all hidden in our history, but we are ignorant of that history. We have been floating alone, basking blissfully in the sunny heritage of other people. Chancellor Williams


The destruction of the African Essence seems total, the disorientation seems all encompassing, the venom unassuaged by the destabilising scars of slavery, colonialism and mental servitude. Idowu Odeyemi 2002


May Olodumare re-open the eyes of the spiritual blinds amongst our great race. Wale Egberongbe, 2003


Western culture is eating up our culture and there is a great threat to us as a race. Akintune Ogunleye, 2007